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"I came to Rainier Chiropractic for treatment because I had thrown my back out while I was fishing. Before I got my adjustments, I was getting massaged and I was on medication to help with the pain.

Dr. Mark helped me DRAMATICALLY!! I was pretty much handicapped when I walked through their doors and after 2 adjustments in that one day, I walked out of the office without my crutches!

I'm able to enjoy 75% of my normal activities thanks to my chiropractic treatments! Getting adjusted was a total game changer. Dr. Mark is Heaven Sent! Thank you so much!"

Adrian S.

"We originally started coming to Dr. Joe 20 years ago because someone had told us that he adjusted dogs. We had a couple dogs that needed adjusting, so we brought them and he fixed them up like brand new! So we started using him ourselves. My wife, being a flight attendant, needed his services about every 3 months. I, being an amputee, needed his services at least once a year. Now 20 years later, I have new dogs, no wife, but I'm still using Dr. Joe because he is a great Chiropractor! I trust him, and I really like the fact that he runs a "walk in" clinic!"

Terrel W.

"Before I started treatment at Rainier Chiropractic, I had persistent lower back pain. I had heard, from numerous people, about the Doctors and their expert care.

I had been stretching, wearing a back support and taking a few days off from work to deal with the pain. Let's just say that I literally walked into their clinic, bent over like an old man and I walked out straight up and ready to work!

I recommend RCC to everyone! Besides the friendly and caring attitudes of the receptionists, the Doctors really know and enjoy what they are doing and they appreciate getting people 'back' to living again!"

Steve B.

Rainier Chiropractic Clinic keeps me going. I really credit Dr. Joe and RCC for being the driving force behind what keeps me going. I give them credit for keeping me happily functioning in my busy, physically demanding lifestyle. Over the last eight years I have had a few serious horse jumping accidents, but Dr. Joe straightens me out and gets me back functioning ( I run a horse farm of 17+ horses.) He has also been great help with my overall health.

Thank you, Terrie Hook Training Inc.